Battery Storage Solutions

Spartek can help to guide you through battery storage whether for your home or business.

Batteries are used to store energy whether from a solar PV system or from the mains. The energy is stored in the battery until it is needed.

Solar PV Batteries

Adding battery storage to your solar PV system can help you to maximise returns and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Solar PV batteries can be fitted at the same time as a solar PV array or they can be retro-fitted to an existing system.

Solar PV batteries are sized to make the most of surplus energy from your solar PV array that would otherwise be exported to the grid.  The energy is stored in the battery and released later on in the day when the PV array has stopped generating or when your demand rises. 

Our solar PV battery systems can provide a back-up facility that will allow you to carry on using appliances even during a power cut.

Storage Batteries

Energy storage or battery storage solutions are installed on sites to store and discharge electricity at specific times and can even offer backup power when required.

Battery storage solutions are typically installed in conjunction with a solar PV array in order to maximise the energy savings that can be realised as well as displaying a very visible sign of your company’s commitment to “going green”. Our guide to battery storage explains what they are and the benefits in detail 

Batteries can also be installed independently to store cheap energy from the grid and discharge during peak times to avoid demand charges and peak time energy costs.

Commercial batteries can also be used to trade energy, making the most of either stored energy or solar PV energy by offering the battery capacity to the National Grid for use to avoid peaks and troughs in the energy network.

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