Commercial solar panel installation for Alan Boswell Group



Project Aim

  • 284 x 380W JA Solar PV Modules
  • Solis Three Phase Inverter
  • Ballasted East/West Mounting System
  • All AC & DC components
  • Metering Equipment
  • Test & Commissioning
  • G98/G99 Application
  • MCS Certification

Project Details

Implement eco-friendly energy practices, to reduce carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Project Performance

Installation of a 107.92kW Solar PV System saving around 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year


Project Portfolio

Commercial Solar panel installation for Alan Boswell Group

Alan Boswell Group (ABG), a large insurance broker, known for providing comprehensive insurance services across the UK needed a reputable commercial solar panel installer. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and their efforts to cut carbon emissions, ABG embarked on a large-scale solar installation project with us in 2022.

The group bought Prospect House from Archant before the pandemic and have been gradually restoring the large building to its former glory. 

As with most insurance brokers, ABG’s operations are predominantly office-based, which results in significant energy use, particularly electricity. Aware of the climate crisis and its corporate role, ABG wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and move towards renewable energy sources. The company was also keen to show leadership by setting an example for other firms based within Norwich city centre. 

ABG partnered with Spartek to design and implement a solar panel installation tailored to their needs. The solar project was the installation of a 107.92kW Solar PV System..The project included the installation of 284 x 380W JA Solar PV Modules, Solis Three Phase Inverter, Ballasted East/West Mounting System and Metering Equipment. Plenty of equipment to help the group save on their large energy bill. 

To ensure optimal functionality and integration with the existing electrical system, we conducted a thorough energy audit before the project started. They also provided the necessary training to ABG staff to help them understand the new system and its maintenance.

The solar panel installation project was a resounding success. After six months of operation, the solar system has produced an estimated 57.787mwh  of electricity, leading to a significant reduction in the company’s utility bills. The company is now on track to recoup the installation costs within seven years, even faster if electricity prices rise.

Furthermore, the installation resulted in a reduction of around 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, a substantial step in reducing ABG’s carbon footprint.

Our successful solar installation project at Alan Boswell Group demonstrates how companies can achieve both environmental and financial goals through renewable energy investments. Not only has the project significantly reduced ABG’s carbon footprint, but it has also yielded considerable cost savings, helping to establish the company as a thought leader in their industry, and giving their reputation a boost within the wider community.