Solar PV System installation for Marine & Industrial



Project Aim

Set up of Free Remote Monitoring.

On Roof Metal Trap Mount System

All DC & AC components

Metering Equipment

G99 Pre & Post Connection Notification



Project Details

110 x Candians 405w Mono Solar Panels c/w 12yr manufacturer’s warranty & 25y performance warranty.

1 x 36kW Huawei Three-Phase Inverter – 10yr manufactures warranty

1 x 10kW Huawei Hybrid battery ready Three-Phase Inverter – 10yr manufactures warranty

Project Performance

Installation of a 44.5kWp Solar PV System to reduce the future consumption of expensive grid supplied electricity and reduce the carbon emissions.


Project Portfolio

commercial solar panel installation for Marine And Industrial

Marine & Industrial, are leading distributors of Performance Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Chandlery items they are based in Norfolk about 6 minute walk from Worstead train station near North Walsham.  Marine & Industrial are renowned for providing top-notch technical advice and delivering the right products to their customers. With a strong commitment to exceptional customer service and support, they have earned the distinction of being the largest distributor in the UK for numerous leading brands in their industry.

In line with their core values of outstanding service and environmental responsibility, Marine & Industrial embarked on a project to harness solar power for their business operations and take control of their energy costs. To achieve this sustainable energy goal, they partnered with the team here at Spartek.

Marine & Industrial aim was simple: they want to reduce their environmental impact while ensuring long-term cost savings through the adoption of solar energy. By installing a 44.5kWp commercial solar panel system on their premises, they sought to generate clean electricity and promote eco-friendly practices within their business.

Our solar engineers created a tailored solar panel system designed to meet Marine & Industrial energy demands efficiently. The design ensured the panels were strategically placed to capture the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

We handled all aspects of permits, paperwork, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation process as well as a detailed financial analysis, demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) and payback period of the solar installation. The analysis assured Marine & Industrial that the project was economically viable.

Our installation team efficiently mounted the solar panels on the company’s rooftop without disrupting their regular business activities. The solar system was seamlessly integrated into and we handled Marine & Industrial electrical infrastructure. 

The partnership with Marine & Industrial s has proven to be a transformative initiative. By embracing sustainable practices and renewable energy, they have not only reduced their operational costs but also demonstrated their dedication to environmental responsibility. This case study serves as an exemplary model for other businesses within the local or wider areas seeking to transition to cleaner and greener energy sources for a brighter and more sustainable future – Whilst taking control of energy costs.