Solar PV Maintenance

Our skilled in-house team bring together years of experience and multi-megawatt experience to help you meet your sustainable goals.

Although there are very few moving parts in a solar array, they can still benefit from a little TLC every now and then, after all you wouldn’t invest in an expensive new car and then not carry out the servicing.

Solar PV panels can benefit from being cleaned.  They can suffer from a build up of environmental dust, rain water residues and even bird fouling that can dramatically reduce the performance of your system and reduce the amount of energy it produces.

Maintenance of a solar PV array can very depending on whether your solar PV array is mounted on the ground or on the roof, and even depend on the size of the array. You can read our guide to help you understand general solar panel maintenance.  

Typical services can include:-

Sometimes more detailed analysis is required and Spartek are able to offer additional services including:-

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