Solar PV

Our skilled Norwich, Norfolk in-house team bring together years of experience and multi-megawatt experience to help you meet your sustainable goals.



Spartek have a proven track record of excellence in delivering solar PV projects whether on domestic properties, commercial buildings or large scale ground mounted systems all across Norwich & Norfolk.

Whether your aim is to become less reliant on grid electricity at home or your business objectives are carbon neutral Spartek’s team can work with you from conception to completion of your solar panel project.

Solar PV, or Photovoltaic Array, is the generation of usable electricity for your home or business from sunlight.

Solar panels collect radiation from the sunlight and convert it into DC energy, similar to that stored in batteries.

An inverter then converts this to the usable AC electricity that can be fed back into your home or business and used by your appliances.

Any energy not used can be sent back to the grid. You can read more on what Solar PV is in our article 

How does solar PV benefit me?

The way we generate and use energy is changing.

As awareness about climate change has started to impact the planet we live on, more and more focus has fallen on
cleaner ways to power our homes and business such as solar PV.

Solar PV power offers low cost, clean renewable energy that can power the modern world and reduce our carbon

When you choose solar PV you will see instant reductions in the amount you spend on electricity, reduce your reliance on grid energy and give a visible statement that you are committed to tackling climate change.

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Did you know that enough solar energy hits the earth every hour to power the entire world for a year……

That’s 430 quintillion Joules of energy or 430 with 18 zeroes after it!

By comparison, the total amount of energy that all humans used in 2015 was 410 quintillion Joules.

So whether you are ready to go solar or whether you need your existing solar array maintaining call the Spartek Norwich team to discuss your requirements.