Solar PV for Home

Our skilled Norwich & Norfolk in-house team bring together years of experience and multi-megawatt experience to help you meet your sustainable goals.

Solar PV can save you money at home.

Solar PV fitted on your roof will generate electricity from sunlight to feed into your home and power your appliances.

On average, UK homes use around £3.4 Billion worth of electricity every year. 

The national average electricity use is around 3,940kWh per year.

A typical home solar PV array of around 10 solar panels can generate up to 3,274kWh of electricity per year.

This electricity flows into your home and powers all of the electrical appliances plugged in, saving you money from your electricity bill every month.  Any surplus energy flows into the grid as export and you can even get paid by your energy supplier for this.

A Power Diverter can also be fitted to direct some of this free solar energy to your hot water cylinder and provide you with free hot water from your existing electric immersion heater, again saving money on your electricity or even gas bill.

You can even store surplus energy in a battery to use later in the day when you need it.

Our team are highly skilled and our friendly advisors are on hand to talk you through what is possible in your home. We offer free quotations at industry leading prices and all of our work is guaranteed.

Solar PV works including

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